CHHRI team believes in professional approach and have chosen the difficult route of forming a section 42 company rather than a trust. Our dedicated team of individuals after going through detailed discussion and hiring a local company who represents Following is the summary of the total proposed cost of the project;

Land80,000,000$ 792,0797.28%
Building & Civil Works337,300,000$ 3,339,60430.68%
Medical & Support Equipment617,800,000$ 6,116,832 56.20%
Furniture & Fixture6,300,000$ 62,3760.57%
Information System10,900,000$ 107,9210.99%
Vehicles9,900,000$ 98,0200.90%
Working Capital16,200,000$ 160,3961.47%
Pre Operating Cost20,900,000$ 206,9311.90%
1,099,300,000$ 10,884,158100%