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This is the tremendously moving story of young Daim, a child who was born with a hole in the heart that needed to be healed in order to save his precious life, one treasured by his parents. He was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) called a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). 


VSD is a common heart defect that’s present at birth. There is a hole that occurs in the septum (wall) that separates the heart’s lower ventricles (chambers) and allows blood to pass from the left to the right side of the heart. The oxygen-rich blood then gets pumped back to the lungs instead of out to the body, causing the heart to work harder. 


After initially going through various hurdles in the search for Daim’s treatment, he was eventually brought to Dr. Salman A. Shah, a renowned American-board certified Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon based in Lahore, Pakistan. After discovering that Daim would need to go through a relatively expensive, life-saving procedure involving a CP-Shunt, his family was then referred to us. 


Daim’s father works as a labourer and solely supports his entire family, which includes his wife and 3 children. Having limited resources, he desperately needed financial support. Fortunately for him, he came to the right organization, one that has vast experience dealing with similar precarious situations requiring immediate attention. 


With a phenomenal donor base, arranging the funds for Daim’s heart surgery was done fairly swiftly. His father, also admirably contributed half of the required payment. With all other formalities, including doctor’s appointments, accommodation etc., also taken care of, the preparations for Daim’s surgery were complete. All that was needed now were prayers of his loved ones. 


Our world-class team of healthcare professionals were to perform the surgery, and with a tremendous track record behind them, they were immensely confident. Blessedly, after several hours in the operation theatre which were difficult beyond measure for Daim’s parents, he survived and defeated CHD! 


He was now a ‘CHD Warrior’ and his entire family was over the moon about the surgery being a resounding success. They felt eternally grateful to us for providing them with brilliant care and for ultimately saving Daim’s life. The hole in his heart was fully healed and together, they could all now cherish the life of their dreams, one of a happy, wholesome family. 


1 in 100 children are born with CHD, the world’s most common birth defect. We hope that these stories inspire even more people to join us on our journey to conquering CHD, so that we can shape a brighter future for deserving patients. As an organization, we are leaving no stone unturned on our mission to ensuring that not a single child born with CHD in Pakistan remains untreated. 


You can help further our cause either by donating towards child heart treatment, or the construction of Pakistan’s first dedicated Children’s Heart Hospital & Research Institute (CHHRI) at: 


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