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This was an incredible case of an adolescent who had to overcome Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). At 16-years-old, when usually young boys and girls are thinking about chasing their dreams, Hussain was preparing for a fight like no other.    


He was diagnosed with a rare CHD known as TOF (Tetralogy Of Fallot). TOF can be fatal if left untreated. The name refers to 4 heart problems which occur at once, decreasing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream.  


Symptoms include bluish skin colour, developmental delays etc. CHDs such as TOF can be caused by a combination of factors, such as genes or things the mother comes in contact with. It may be diagnosed during pregnancy or shortly after birth.  


Hussain’s father is a labourer who solely supports the entire family. Hussain has completed middle school and was looking forward to the joys of life. Little did he know what life had in store for him.  


Hussain’s condition started deteriorating and his father had to go through various hurdles in order to get him the treatment he needed. Dr. Asim Khan, a renowned Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, informed the family about us. With limited resources at his disposal, Hussain’s father needed financial support for the procedure that would save his son’s life.  


Thankfully, that’s where we stepped in. With an exceptional donor base, along with having years of experience behind us, we swiftly made all the necessary preparations. Hussain’s inspirational father, despite his relatively low income, also managed to arrange a bit over half of the required funds.  


With everything in place, Hussain’s family starting praying. After hours of waiting outside the operation theatre, they were ecstatic to find out that blessedly, the surgery was a resounding success! Hussain defeated a life-threatening disease that would have devastated his family. Together, they can now live a life enriched with love and happiness.   


Help us shape a brighter future for children born with CHD and make a real difference in the world, by donating at:  


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