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This is the success story of Faizan, an 8-year-old ‘Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Survivor’. He was diagnosed with a CHD called Tetralogy Of Fallot. The name refers to 4 heart problems which occur simultaneously, decreasing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream.  It can be fatal if left untreated.      


Symptoms include bluish skin colour, developmental delays etc. CHDs such as TOF can be caused by a combination of factors, such as genes or things the mother comes in contact with. It may be diagnosed during pregnancy or shortly after birth.        


Faizan’s family lives in the Malakand District, a region in the northern areas of Pakistan which is surrounded by mountains and irrigated by the beautiful Swat River. Their quiet and simple life was severely disrupted when the diagnosis occurred.  


A life without Faizan was unimaginable for his family. They initiated the search for his treatment immediately, going above and beyond to save his life. That dedication eventually led them to us, an organization devoted to one cause, which is to ensure access to treatment for all deserving children suffering from CHD in Pakistan.  


In the field of CHD, we have years of experience saving lives and healing hearts of hundreds of children. We wanted to ensure the same for Faizan and once his initial check-ups were complete, we informed his family that he would need to go through a relatively expensive life-saving procedure called a Total Correction.  


Faizan’s father, a labourer who supports his whole family which includes his wife and 5 children all by himself, would need financial support for his son’s treatment. To alleviate his concerns and ease his family’s anguish, our incredible donor base, exceptional individuals and organizations supporting our cause, came to the fore. 


The generous contributions of our donors lead to being able to arrange required funds for patients in practically no time. With world-class healthcare professionals alongside us as well, Faizan’s heart surgery was scheduled at one of our partner hospitals and all other formalities were well taken care of. 


Once the surgery was underway, Faizan’s loved ones were praying for it to be successful and for him to emerge victorious in this life-threatening ordeal. So following its completion, we were delighted to inform them that Faizan was indeed as tough as they come because he had survived CHD! 


They were so happy to hear the news and experienced moments of absolute bliss. They couldn’t be more grateful for all our support and were glad that they had put their entire trust in us to save Faizan’s life. A normal life was on the horizon for all of them. 


1 in 100 children are born with CHD, the world’s most common birth defect. We hope that these stories inspire even more people to contribute towards our cause so that we can continue shaping a brighter future for affected children and their families. We are genuinely leaving no stone unturned for them. 


Every life matters, every child matters. Join us on our journey to conquering CHD in Pakistan by donating now at: 

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