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This is the #SuccessStory of how 4-year-old Humna became a #CHDSurvivor. She was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) called an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) in which there is a hole that occurs in the septum (wall) that separates the heart’s upper ventricles (chambers).  


The hole increases the amount of blood that flows through the lungs. A large, long-standing ASD can damage both the heart and lungs. An ASD is potentially life-threatening and symptoms include breathing difficulties, frequent lung infections, skipped heartbeats etc. 


After initially being taken aback by the devastating news, Humna’s family decided that they would do absolutely everything to ensure that she emerged into a new light. They started the search for her treatment but were facing various hurdles.  


They finally found their way to Dr. Masood Sadiq, a renowned Pediatric Cardiologist, and Dr. Asim Khan, a world-class Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon. They informed Humna’s parents about the relatively expensive life-saving procedure that their daughter had to go through which involved a CP-Shunt. 


Humna’s father works as an accountant and supports his whole family, which includes his wife and 2 children, by himself. With limited means at his disposal, he desperately needed financial support for his daughter’s heart surgery. Fortunately for them, they were referred to our organization. 


We have years of experience saving lives of children born with CHD, the world’s most common birth defect. Through the exceptional work of our team, families in anguish because of CHD get to experience moments which mean more than anything.  


The required funds for Humna’s were arranged thanks to our incredible donor base, remarkable individuals and organizations supporting our cause. Humna’s father also commendably came up with almost 50% of them.  


All hospital-related formalities were taken care of and with a brilliant team of healthcare professionals also on board to carry out the surgery that requires tremendous skill and precision, all that we needed were the prayers of Humna’s loved ones.   


Following the surgery which lasted an unimaginably difficult few hours for Humna’s parents, we were delighted to inform them that the surgery was a resounding success! This was an immensely special moment for the whole family. 


Humna’s emergence was inspirational and her parents felt eternally grateful to us for everything that we did for them, from our initial meeting all the way to discharge. They wished us continued success in all our projects. 


1 in 100 children are born with CHD. We hope that these success stories inspire even more people to join us on our journey to conquering this disease in Pakistan, so that we can continue shaping a brighter future for affected families. We are genuinely leaving no stone unturned for them.    


You can help further our cause either by donating towards child heart treatment, or the construction of Pakistan’s first dedicated Children’s Heart Hospital & Research Institute (CHHRI) at:   


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