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Ali’s Success Story! 


At just one year of age, a mere infant, Ali was diagnosed with Tetralogy Of Fallot (TOF), a rare and potentially fatal Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). To make matters even more complicated, he also had Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), also known as a hole in the heart. In TOF, 4 heart problems occur simultaneously, thereby decreasing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. Symptoms include bluish skin, eating problems, clubbed fingers etc. 


Ali’s parents were absolutely devastated to hear the news. They wanted to do whatever it took to save their child. After consulting with various doctors about the recommended treatment, their sadness turned into further despair, as they deemed the procedure, called a Total Correction, very expensive. Ali’s father works in a furniture shop and takes care of his entire family, including his wife and 3 sons, all by himself. Financially, he needed help. 


That is where we stepped in. Ali’s father somehow arranged half of the required funds, and we managed to swiftly arrange the rest, along with taking care of all the hospital-related formalities as well. Blessedly, Ali turned out to be a resilient child, as his surgery was a resounding success!  


Ali’s family is eternally thankful to us, and our phenomenal donors, for everything we did for them. We hope to continue helping CHD affected families, and that can only happen with your tremendous support! 


Help us shape a brighter future for children born with CHD and make a real difference in the world, by donating at:  



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