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By Mail

Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation North America, 7 Sylvan Lane, Scarsdale, NY, 10583

Donate with Amazon Smile

Shop at Amazon Smile and select ‘Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation’ as your favourite charity.

Double Your Donation

1. Make a donation
2. Submit a request to the employee
3. PCHFNA confirms donation
4. Employer matches a donation

Those looking to give Zakat or Sadqah online should consider PCHF as their charity of choice. As Pakistan’s leading CHD charity, if you are looking to donate to children’s hospital charities, we’d ask you to consider ours. Our goal is to ensure that every child in Pakistan born with CHD is given access to quality health care while also using the funds from every Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation North America donation to build Pakistan’s first, dedicated, state-of-the-art Children’s Heart Hospital and Research Institute which will provide training and education to both the public and healthcare professionals while also caring for children affected by CHD. If you are looking to give Zakat online, we offer many options for how you can contribute to our cause. For those looking to give regularly, you can add us as your favorite charity on Amazon Smile. We also offer bank transfers through Zelle and easy payments through PayPal. You can even double your donation by teaming up with your employer.

When making your Zakat donation, we know there are many Islamic charity organizations to choose from. If you are in North America, you may be wondering if your donation is reaching a Muslim charity that’s giving back to your community in the best way possible. At PCHF, our work is directly connected to the people of Pakistan, ensuring that families and the greater community can benefit from our efforts. In addition to building the first state-of-the-art, dedicated CHD children’s hospital, donations are also used to provide surgical and interventional treatment to needful CHD patients. Donations are also used to fund the training and education of medical professionals to build a larger population of doctors and surgeons capable of helping children in need. Finally, we strive to create a greater awareness of CHD, both within the community and among policymakers to ensure better resources for future generations.

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